Getting people to provide testimonials isn’t easy, but here are a few nice things that some of my clients have said about me…

I am extremely proud of the website iArtisan created for Information Press. The reviews have been fantastic. It’s given our business a boost and provided us with the confidence to market our business over the internet. We are seeing a noticeable difference in our standing in the community and our business has begun to increase.

Sandra Marshall
Information Press, Publisher

I had for several years felt as though my small business would benefit from a presence on the web. I wanted to establish a 24/7 online store where my existing customers could shop at their convenience and create a new revenue stream with potential new customers, BUT… I didn’t have any idea where to start, or who to turn to.iArtisan has come through for me time and time again! Prompt and professional service at an affordable price. Thank you Craig!

Dan Walth
Bright Star Images

I have worked with Craig since 1992. He has integrity, honesty and a great sense of design to go along with abundant technical skills. In addition Craig is a good listener and will create a professional product that reflects the vision of the client at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend his work.

John Huffman
Boo Boo Records

Creating the image of a business, musician or otherwise on the Net is a very important key role in the marketing and growth of the entity. It directly relates to how the consumer perceives the value of their products or identify with an attitude or theme the business wants to portray. Web designing is an art form in its own right and constantly changing as more bandwidth and speed become available. The Internet will take over most all print media in the coming years and become the dominating force into the long term future where most advertising and media will be delivered more so than TV.

Also with many business people on the go, traveling, always having your laptop or software on hand may not be easy. Craig Junghandel creates sites in a very artistic way that seem to capture the raw essence of the products his customer base display, as well as providing it in a way that is appealing to the viewer and very attractive to search engines to increase traffic to your site and in turn increase your business. Craig also builds in smart functionality to the site allowing you, the company, to edit the site online without having to be a web designer. So, you can stay up on important details by simply typing and upload a picture, audio and video that you wish to translate to your customer, sales force or dealer/distribution network quickly, easily – and laid out in a format that’s very visually clean. Craig has a pro eye from the word Go, he will give you the best I have seen on any level.  You wont be disappointe! Not to mention, in addition to his excellent design skills,  he also features site hosting capabilities. iArtisan does it all.

Gene Baker
Fine Tuned Instruments

Craig Junghandel is a lifesaver!  My site went down while I was on tour with Chris Cornell, and Craig was able to get me up in running in minutes.  I recommend Craig for any IT, web design, or troubleshooting needs.

Yogi Lonich

Craig at iArtisan has done a great job maintaining, designing, and maintaining our website. Craig was able to take our database and integrate it with a shopping cart, as well as create a professional looking website. I would recommend Craig to anyone who is looking to promote their business online.

Erik Schiesl
ProCare Janitorial Supply

Craig is a true professional and does excellent work. I’m lucky to be working with him.

Jimmy Montoya
Jimmy Ray Valientay